Welcome to the Australian Tang Soo Do Academy

Discipline of body and mind through serious dedicated training!


Our mission:

"The ultimate aim of Tang Soo Do practice is to maximize the potential of each individual physically and mentally to become a person  in
control of one-self through honorable words and actions" 

The Academy was established in 1987 in Melbourne, Australia and is committed to the serious teaching of Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean martial art. Our training is primarily focused on practical application of Tang Soo Do martial
arts techniques for self-defence with a lesser emphasis on sports martial arts.


Tang Soo Do benefits:

  • Practical self-defence skills
    Defend yourself against assault!
  • Co-ordination and stamina
    Enhance your physical abilities!
  • Flexibility & weight control
    Overall fitness and trim your body!
  • Self-confidence and self-discipline
    Be a winner in studies and work!

All our instructors have achieved their ranks internationally; and will help you with personal attention in a disciplined environment.  

Our training fees are very reasonable compared to other fitness activities and we offer all beginners 2 free trial sessions!   

Tang Soo Do training is suitable for everyone from 7 years up and is an ideal family activity. The Academy's Chief Instructor, Master Ivan C H Tnay , has been a practitioner for over 40 years in Tang Soo Do and related martial arts.